When Is It Time To Remove A Tree?

Posted on: 26 January 2015

As trees grow, they will often develop problems. They become unhealthy and either grow in an undesirable way, or cease to grow at all. In these situations, you have to determine whether or not you should remove the tree. Some trees may even just require basic tree service to continue to grow safely. It depends on the situation. If you have any doubts, it's always wise to contact the professionals for a consultation.

Ask Questions to Assess Your Situation

However, if you believe that your tree is going to fall or is in an unsafe situation, there are a few questions you can ask to determine what to do next.

  • How healthy is the tree? If the tree has been more than 50% damaged, it's probably in the best interest of your landscape to have it removed. A tree that is declining in health can be spotted by having limited growth and an abnormal appearance. Some trees that have been damaged by herbicide may exhibit some symptoms of declined health, but with professional tree service can actually recover.  
  • Is the tree dying? When a tree is dying and is not going to fall over, it's usually alright to leave it where it is. It will die, yet still serve a purpose to local wildlife. For example, woodpeckers will use it to find places to nest and even find food. Depending on the situation of your tree, you may be able to leave it where it is.
  • Is the tree leaning? Leaning trees, even when they're healthy, are a safety hazard. They fall over with less effort, so something like a  strong wind storm could topple one. If the tree suddenly starts to lean, this means that there is breakage or weakening of the roots. If there is a lean of any more than 15% from a 90 degree angle, you should remove the tree for the safety of yourself and your neighbors.  
  • Is there any trunk damage? Any type of cracks, seams or dead branches can be indicative of decay in the trunk. If this damage is severe enough, it can warrant removing the tree entirely. However, if the damage is covering less than 25% of the circumference of the tree, the tree may actually be able to recover.

Do You Need Tree Service?

If you've decided that your tree needs to be service or removed, you should hire experts like Sylvester's Tree Service to do so. Removing a tree or doing serious trimming is typically too dangerous of a task for a do-it-yourselfer. Hiring the professionals will ensure that the tree is safely removed or trimmed.