3 Things You Should Consider Doing Before Bringing A New Horse To Your Barn

Posted on: 13 July 2016

Are you thinking about buying a new horse? You may love these animals and want to have one of your own to spend time with and ride as often as you would like. Before bringing your beautiful new pet home to live in your barn, there are several things you should do to start preparing for the arrival of your new horse.

1. Invest in a Halter, Lead Rope and Saddle

You may be prepared to spend plenty of quality time outside with the horse. While you might plan to allow the animals to run around freely on your farm or backyard area, there are times when you might want to ride the horse or walk around with it. If so, you will need to have a halter, lead rope and a saddle. The halter goes around the horse's face and you can clip the lead rope directly to it before you start walking the animal around.

When you are the one holding onto the lead rope, you are in control. If your animal is a bit rambunctious, it will learn to calm down a bit as you continue to take walks with the lead rope each day. It is not only a great way to teach your horse right from wrong, but it is also a great way to spend quality time together.

The saddle is just another accessory you will need to put on top of the horse if you would like to go riding. While some people have no problem with bareback riding, it is much safer to use a saddle, especially if you do not have the best balance and coordination needed to stay on top of the back while the animal walks, runs and jumps.

2. Purchase Alfalfa Hay for the Barn

If you want to have a healthy horse, it is important to choose its food carefully. Alfalfa hay is a great option for horses for several reasons. It provides these animals with the essential protein and vitamins their bodies need. The amount of hay you should give to your horse each day will depend on its weight and age, but you can expect to give anywhere between 10-20 pounds of it daily.

3. Stock Up on the Right Grooming Tools

While it is important to have a halter, lead rope, saddle and alfalfa hay, you should not forget about the grooming tools. Some of the best grooming tools to use on these animals include:

  • Grooming brush
  • Mane comb
  • Grooming mitten
  • Rubber curry
  • Hoof pick

You can use these tools to brush your animal's hair, comb out its mane to get rid of any knots, remove any excess hair and even pick out pieces of dirt and dried up hay from the hooves. You may be able to buy these items as a full set instead of trying to find each of them individually.

Many people love owning horses because it is an enjoyable and even therapeutic experience. If you are getting ready to become the owner of one of these animals, make sure you are prepared ahead of time by getting the essential items your pet will need.