Own A Large Farm And Live In Snow Country? Take Care Of Those Snow Drifts With A Snow Blower

Posted on: 1 November 2016

If you live in snow country and have a farm, you likely have to deal with a lot of snow drifting in the winter. This can make things much harder for you on your farm. For example, snow may drift up next to your barns or even barn doors. Having a lot of snow hills across your farm makes it more difficult to walk and drive around.  A snow blower can take care of all this for you. Below is some information about snow blowers that should help you.

Two-Stage Gas

Because you have a large amount of land on your farm, you should consider purchasing a two-stage gas snow blower.  This is because It is powerful so it can clear out approximately two or more feet of snow. The wheels are engine driven, which means the snow blower has powerful forward motion and it can handle rough terrain. It has the ability to move a large amount quickly and at a long distance. This blower has skid shoes to slightly elevate the wheels off the ground. This means this snow blower works great on unpaved surfaces

Skid Steer Attachment

Many snow blowers use cables, and the cables can become frozen, tangled up or loose while driving the snow blower.  To take care of this problem, a skid steer attachment uses chains and sprockets instead of cables.

A skid steer attachment also uses a direct driven hydraulic motor which gives the snow blower more power.  Hydraulic motors are rotary actuators that converts fluid or hydraulic energy into mechanical power. This works along with a hydraulic pump. These motors provide a more powerful forward motion.

The type of motor on the attachment determines how much snow it can handle. For example, a gear motor can only handle a few feet of snow while a piston hydraulic motor can handle large amounts of snow. Because you have a large farm, a piston motor would work best for you.

A skid steer attachment also has a rotating chute with a deflector which means you can point the snow in any direction that you want and keep the snow from flying into your face.

Talk with the salesperson for much more information about the different types of snow blowers you can purchase. They can also go over skid steer attachments with you so you can determine if a snow blower would be right for you and your farm. For more information, contact a business such as Washburn Company.